FindR Communicator

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  • "Surely, the communication in the cities of the future will take
    advantage of the advertising"
  • FindR Communication System.
    A project developed from the theories of NOKIA´s "Circular Entertainment".
    Music by The Spinto Band: Oh Mandy!

  • Adapting to a new model of plural and cosmopolitan city, supposes an increase of the normal rithm of living, and usually people need more time for leisure. However, the new advances in technology, are oriented to the home and individual use, generating a growing individualism, which creates the barrier between fun and interactions between people.

    From the basics of "Circular Entertainment" of the NOKIA Study, FindR Communicator is a device that encourages people to spend their free time outside, sharing the time with their groups of friends or families.
    Thanks to the "WI-FI in the Cty" and Bluetooth technologies, you can get an instant, accurate and involuntary communication between users registered to the same group. In addition, establishments can also take advantage of the free messages, attracting people to the premises. A new concept of communication advertising. This is how FindR Communicator works:
  • Free communication trough advertising.
  • FindR Communicator.Service Design Project based on the "Circular Entertainment" study of NOKIA.
  • FindR Communicator Messages2 people of the same group are in a local stablishment and FindR detects
    missing group members, and sends them a message with the location.
  • FindR Communicator Maps.The missing person receives a message with the location of his friends, and he can "accept" or "reject" the plan.
  • Product Components
  • A project developed by:
    L.Perez, E.Fernandez, V. Cassin, O.Santamaria

    Educational Concept Project based on NOKIA´s "Circular Entertainment".
    Carried out in the third course of the Bachelor´s degree in
    Industrial Design EngIneering in Mondragon University.

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