Final MA Artwork "Katpedeles and Segments"

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  • Katpedeles and Segments
    Final MA Artwork
    Software: Esko ArtiosCAD 3D

    Final MA Atwork contains:
    Each Part is compiled under the same Theme and different Title.
    The authenticity of textile patterns – implies peculiar forms and names. The basis of creative work is a graphic picture of the smallest recurrent weaving pattern, of a motif of the square textile pattern called “Katpedes and Segments”. The very same graphic ornament transferred to a three-dimensional space becomes a new pattern, a spatial structure, an object of art. The illusion of squares is created in a three-dimensional space using three size square elements (combinations of four shapes) and three different colours: white, brown and blue cardboard, following the identical principles of construction. Blue colours were liked by residents in Southern Lithuania, and it prevailed in the clothing of Lithuanians in . Thus, using a non-traditional technique I made a graphic drawing of the ornaments. I dissembled the ornament and split into separate segments.