• Fin
    A floor lamp that creates different light qualities, simultaneously.
  • Fin is a floor lamp that uses a reflecting plane and high lumen LEDs to create approachable indirect light and functional bright light, simultaneously.

    To create a multipurpose luminaire, I looked at how to create a multiple lighting effects and direction using only one light source. 
    The fin reflector and the base are made of stainless steel. Colored fabric cord intertwine between the structures adds color to the lamp. Hand painted, matte-finish reflective pane defuses the light down, while rest of the light from the high lumen LED illuminates the surroundings.
  • The fin, the reflecting surface, reflects light, creating a soft and approachable light directly under the fixture. Lights not reflected by the fin illuminates the walls, ceiling, and brightens the whole room.
  • Also available in wood finish.
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