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  • purpose_ visual identity for Filofest; international student film and movie festival
    client_ Filofest, an organization under Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana
    methods_ handmade, photographed, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign
    applications_ visual identity, posters, flyers, catalogue, press-passes 
    published_ december 2012, Slovenia 
    circulation_ 1000 posters, 2000 catalogues
    design_ Biba Košmerl & Sara Vrbinc
    We came up with an idea, to communicate through the basic elements used by the participants at the festival - filmstrip; celluloid. Since the identity of the festival is changing from year to year, we wanted to go without creating a new logotype, just to set these year’s presentative visual form - a title “Filofest” written out of the film tape and used in that technique on every single application. Clients's wish was to sepparate materials with colour coding.
    Following stages were executed on a distance. Since we both lived abroad, in different countries.