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  • Reflecting the wonder, impact and awe of cinema. Which meant creating a design that allows the vivid imagery to take centre stage. That impact is apparent from the second you lay eyes on the homepage.

    Secondly cinema evokes passion, the need to discuss and give opinion on a film is core to the experience. This is reflected in the live voting system, social media integration and commenting throughout the site.

    Not many people realise that Film4 also make movies. So the site celebrate's that much more. Even fewer people realised that Film4 also commission short films, usually from new directors, these are now viewable online.

    The site include cinema trailers, exclusive clips, interviews and short programmes. They’re organised into sections to make browsing them easier. You can comment on any of the site content. Theres a lot of content to comment on, especially in the film database which contains around 20,000 reviews and 60,000 filmographies.