Figure Drawing

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  • All my I have felt pretty confident expressing any idea through drawing by hand except for people. Drawing people drove me crazy, I had to do something about it.  My third summer in college I took a figure drawing course when I thought I wanted to Minor in Art.  In architecture school we learned about proportions, scale, movement, expression, structure, etc. and through this class I quickly learned that all these things apply to people and figures.  Most of the drawings in class took less than 5 minutes and at the end of this course I came away with the confidence I had been looking for.  I now take my sketchbook most everywhere and draw not only the famous buildings I have traveled to see but also capture the people interacting within the spaces.  

    The following are some of my better attempts at drawing figures.  They are models, skeleton, classmates, girlfriend, Leonardo, and perhaps my favorite David (sorry babe).  

    I hope you enjoy