• Fifteen
    the regulator watch
  • My project of designer watches. Part of life style collection THE WATCH.
    As a designer I always count minutes. Not hours. Not seconds.
    15 minutes before deadline.
    40 minutes for the meeting.
    30 minutes for concept research.
    180 minutes for brainstorming with 2 coffee brakes.
    The watch presents three dials with connected quartz movements.
    On the lower deck: hours and seconds, on the main deck: just minutes.
    The supinator inside the strap holds the watch case on the strap.
    It is not skeleton but transparent for better

    The materials are stainless steel - satin outside and chrome inside.
    44mm x 13mm
    And the strap - leather or caoutchouc.
    26mm wide.

    Design - Vikenty Gryaznov
    3D - Dmitry Sidorov