• Field Excursion
    This series consists of nineportraits of strange creatures, which were made out of piecesof meat and fish, and given the names of existing or imaginarybacterias. Some of thesespecimens were modeled and animated, and integrated into the websitefor electronic musician Amon Tobin. Visit them at http://www.amontobin.com/field. Website by Notice Bureau.

    There are nine framed, archival quality giclee prints in the series. Seven of them are 28 x 35cm, one is 35 x 35 cm piece, and one is 60 x 76 cm. Prices vary - please inquire at celia@thingsbyme.com.
  • An exhibit of these photographs was held at ad agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners' offices in February 2008.
  • Acantharead
  • Centrophys
  • Cercozoad
  • Foraminiferod
  • Proteomyxid
  • Gymnosphaerium
  • Pseudopodus
  • Animalculis
  • Polycystinid