• Visual identity and print media
  • A collaboration with Bojan Kristofic (bojan.kristofic@gmail.com)

    The Festival of Slavic Cultures is an annual set of events and conference held at the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanistic Sciences in Zagreb, Croatia.
    In 2010, participants discussed condition and development of Slavic culture(s) in the European post-industrial context, and we were commissioned to design a full visual identity and the annual identity immersed in such themes.
    We decided to create a flexible visual identity based on the old-fashioned, rustic patterns and textures distinctive for the Slavic textile design and folklore in general.
    Our design is a carefully structured interpretation of that tradition, and thus usable in a wide variety of printed media, as represented here.
    The texture patters vary depending on the 4 categories (various, art, education, music) and gain in complexity and boldness through the 3 days of the conference thus coding visually the time and type of events.
    Illustrations featured in the festival catalog tackle modern Slavic folklore and political stereotypes in a light-heart, humorous way, while poster art touches the question of Slavic influence on a broader European culture.
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