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Sardine illustrations for Festas de Lisboa '11.

The sardine is part of the history of Lisbon. Among the first century AD and V Olisipo factories producing canned fish with valuable spices whose composition had at least 90% of sardine, exported throughout the Roman empire, in pottery jars.

In conjunction with the Millennium BCP Archaeological Center (NARC) you can visit the 2500 years history of the city, now meets a selection of 300 representations of sardines from a total of 2080 who participated in the contest Sardines Festas de Lisboa'11, launched as part of celebrations of the city by EGEAC. It was opened to the public to participate in the challenge of the image for Festas de Lisboa'11, which have since 2003 as an icon than sardines.

Sardine Popular
Calçada de Lisboa sardine.
Folclore sardine.
Eléctrico nº28 sardine.
exhibition of the Sardines in Millennium BCP Archaeological Center, rua Augusta, Lisbon.