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Handmade gift ideas, gift packaging, and products from Etsy-Made with love.
I simply love Etsy in every way for many of my shopping and gifting needs. I love handmade, and I love supporting entrepreneurs making a go of it with a home business. I have purchased several items on Etsy, 3 of which I'd like to share with all of you! <3

1)This pair of adorable sheep coasters is my most recent purchase, shipping all the way from the Czech Republic to Cleveland, Ohio. Available at

2)I bought this adorable baby quilt from Punky Quilts and More at

3)I bought this crocheted Norwegian doll for my daughter for her birthday(the one in pig tails)-So cute! Available at

4) As a reminder, there's a Summer SALE going on in my shop at Handmade Christmas wreaths, gift boxes, and more-get them while they last! 

Have an amazing August! <3

Love, Carolyn K.
K and K Floral and Design