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One of the winning entries to the YCN Fedrigoni competition brief
This was my winning entry to the YCN Fedrigoni brief. The brief asked us to create a promotional campaign which advertised Fedrigoni's Imaginative Colours tool (think Pantone Swatch book, but with types of paper) to designers and creatives. 
After analysing the company, I realised that whilst very good at targetting businesses and printers, Fedrigoni's fun and imaginative sides were hidden. My solution was to create a story of sorts which sits 'underneath' the existing brand's respectable exterior. This story is told by an undercover investigator in the Fedrigoni Factory, where they produce the paper and pigments. What the investigator has discovered is that the way they produce the paper is far from orthodox. To make red pigment they hand-rear dragons and regularly harvest the scales. The lab where blue pigment is produced is entirely flooded. A jungle guide is required if you wish to visit the green sector.
Packs containing a note from the investigator, an employee guide, a factory map and paper samples would be sent to design studios. Further mailshots could follow which expand the story and involve the designers in the story. For example, a note could be sent giving a username and password which could then be used to log into the Fedrigoni employee intranet.
The visual style is supposed to give off an exaggeratedly serious feel on the outside, with the imaginative brand story 'hidden' beneath. Clean white and grey panels cover bright colours and blocks of what looks like serious text are actually about capturing sun beams in jam jars. The illustrations are made to look quite polygonal (they started life as 3d models) to hint at a paper origin.