Fears, obsessions and other inner pets

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  • Fears, obsessions and other inner pets
  •    The series Fears, Obsessions and Other Inner Pets is a journey into the subconscious of human experience, a way to come face to face with fears, obsessions and trauma that are in each and every one of us.
       It's an exploration of our attitude and perception of how we look at fear. Through this process of emotional and intellectual awareness we come face to face with trauma and the monsters that exist in the subconscious. By facing the monsters and taking an intimate look inside we gain a better understanding of them.  With this new knowledge we can learn to make the monsters bearable and even disappear, we can also find peace and true happiness in this journey and exploration into the subconscious.
       By bringing awareness to these fears and obsessions, and playing with them, I was able to give them a form through illustration in order to bring them to light. Making these illustrations was a form of therapy. The result can be interpreted and reinterpreted according each viewer's own consciousness.