• Professional athlete and Twitter phenom, Fawn Dorr, reached out to me asking for a character portrait of her. She left just about everything in my hands when it came to what it would look like. All she said was that she liked the idea of being turned into a superhero.
    In creating her costume, I tried to take a number of different influences from Fawns history of running uniforms. Thinking about contrast in the uniform and in the painting in general, I thought it best go take the blue and white of her Penn State uniform and use pink as her highlight color within. I’ve seen a number of images of Fawn’s pink shoes, so I wanted the pink in her shoes to run up through her legs as if they were veins pumping the energy from her feet thru the rest of her body. The piping and design of the pink line work is inspired by a combo of Fawn’s Brooks tops.
    This is painted with fluid acrylics and gouache.