Fashion films we've cast

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  • Camilla Arthur Casting LA
    A few of the fashion films that we have cast, directed by some of the industry's finest....
  • Barbie and Ken really know how to party, as captured by Ellen Von Unwerth!! ┬áCast by Camilla Arthur.
    (cast list available upon request)
  • Zan Dara - A fashion film shot for Italian Vogue, by Griffin and cast by Camilla Arthur!
    (cast list available upon request)

  • Camilla Arthur Casting showreel!
    tel) 323 332 0300 or 323 877 7175
  • Italian Vogue, shot by Ellen Von Unwerth, starring Kelly Mittendorf & cast by Camilla Arthur...
  • American Apparel viral video, shot by Tony Kelly, cast by Camilla Arthur and starring Lil Demon & Jalen.