Fashion Translation

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    Clothing is a subliminal language that communicates how you want to be perceived.

    Above quote: Gary Harvey, Creative director, LEVIS Europe
    Content and design Julia Jacqueline Warnock
  • Fashion Translation, noun:// (Visualising Fashion Language): finding meanings, and creating a guide from the ways in which we send messages regarding our identity through our clothes. All I can do here is to suggest some of the sorts of information that can be conveyed by dress and some of the rules that seem to be operating in the 21st century street fashion culture. This pictorial guide and visual dictionary emphasises insights into women and how they communicate through their clothing. This collection of ideas and thoughts addresses a range of unique and subtle ways in which we can manipulate the meaning of how we communicate through dress. Including a variety of factors that influence how our every day audience reads and reacts to these messages.
  • Fashion translation is a 50pg book printed on Mohawk 180gsm paper with a red, die-cut cover.