• Runaway Runway Dress - made out of recycled muslin, scrap fabric, paper, and string.
  • Army green cotton twill with painted bleach design.
  • Cashmere knit top with a fitted cotton maxi.
  • 100% wool knitted draped scarf
  • Hand-dyed and woven side paneled jacket w/ cashmere/wool/mink shell.

  • Twill with pleated chiffon.
  • Hand woven bag - Cashmere, 5/2 Cotton, and Noho Cotton
    Cotton Jersey top and maxi skirt.
  • Printed Cotton Ruffle Handwoven Bag - Wool, Cashmere, Angora, Noho Cotton
  • Wool Suiting and Cashmere/Wool/Mink Vest. Jersey knit top and maxi skirt

  • Designer: Kaitlyn Marie Machos
    MUA: Katherine Taylor
    Model: Lyndsey rhode
    Photography: Alison Bushor