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Fashion illustrations for Pima Doll look book and website
Fashion Illustrations for Pima Doll    

A few months ago I was hired to illustrate the look book for Pima Doll, a playful new line created by Ashley Arbaugh and Arturo Vera. Rather than simply shooting the models in the garments, Ashley wanted to blur the boundaries between photo and illustration by using realistic renderings of the models with the photographed clothing mapped onto the drawings. The first part of the project was similar to the portrait work I do for White Pepper Portraits -- I created heads only, which we spent several weeks perfecting as a group of characters for the line.
The next step was to get the models into the outfits, illustrating whatever limbs were needed to complete the pose. With over sixty final drawings, plus plenty of preliminary work, this was a really fun, really challenging project. As an illustrator, it was refreshing to work collaboratively with a photographer since it's more common to hire one or the other for a project like this.