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Fashion Ice Cream. Melt Me!
Fashion melts into ice-cream for a surreal collision
Written by Chevaun Roux.
Breaking away from the conventions of fashionable portrayal is no easy feat, but there are those occasions where the creatively exceptional come together with the fashionably magmatic to produce a fashion photography shoot that then becomes a powerfully artistic rendering.
An outstanding fashion team, including photographer Toufic Araman, stylist Kegham Djeghalian, and producer Diana Maatouk have come together to create an almost satirical rendering of fashion as a still life. With the taste of an Andy Warhol comedic approach, and the detail and abstraction of a Salvador Dali surrealist masterpiece they have joined the world of beautiful clothing with the world of artistic intent.
The splattered ice-cream cone stance taken on this shoot is simply fun, it is creative and an extraordinarily individualistic way of exposing every angle of the clothing. It is especially effective with regards dresses and their ability to flare out and be shown off as much as possible. Each outfit is filled with colour and intricate detail, featuring exquisite gowns of lace, silk, cotton and chiffon. The elaborate gowns would make for exceptional eveningwear of the utmost elegance and sophistication (enter the satirical nature of this photoshoot with it’s “splattered” depictions of each outfit).
The overall effect of this shoot is almost disarming, the refinement of each photograph and it’s ability to glow so glamorously despite the pose of the model makes it a truly telling and inspired piece of fashionable depiction.
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