Fashion Campaigns - bags and leather goods 2009/10

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  • These are visuals for two seasonal fashion campaigns created in 2009 and 2010 for a leading Croatian manufacturer of bags and leather goods, Guliver.
    They were many years on a Croatian market but had never advertised. The task was to remind women
    (20 something to 50 something) of their quality and affordable prices.
    It is a mainstream brand and we wanted to really visualize everyday situations and with a rising of a
    street-style- the Sartorialist movement, we thought it would've been just a right approach. And it was.
    It is a very dear project to me on which I worked as an art and a creative director with a great team of prominent Croatian fashion creative professionals. See credits at the bottom.
    Autumn/Winter  09/10 campaign
    Spring/Summer 2010 campaign
  • Credits:
    Client: Guliver, Split
    Art and Creative Direction: Martina Cilic
    Photograph: Mare MIlin (first campaign), Bruna Kazinoti (second campaign)
    Stylist: Petar Trbovic
    Make up Artist: Simona Antonovic
    Account Manager: Ana Lugomer