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  • is a new spanish travel agency. The founder, Raúl, was extremely clear
    on the briefing. He was looking for a different way to represent a travel agency in Murcia, something out of the stereotype. His extensive knowledge on the travel industry
    and consumer habits, gave him the encourage to stablished as "one more",
    however with a remarkable difference. A powerful brand with a clear tagline:
    Where to go?.
    Raúl workplace is "the world", as he is always finding new routes or guiding
    a group of people around europe. I tried to imagine, what could best described
    an image of a travel agency?. The rounded shape describes the four cardinal points.
    On the interior, the same shape acts as the continents. Yes, you are right!.
    There are seven continents, however it is a way to simplify the general idea. 
    The company is now developing a site with a special commitment in social media.