• Falco Invernale Records 
  • My work - so far - for the french record label Falco Invernale Records (FIR). The Toulouse based label is run by artist Makina Girgir aka Philippe Hayet - Focusing on limited vinyl releases in the field of alternative electronic music - electro, synth pop and italo disco - with an early 80’s / melancholic approach. ”Falco Invernale” is Italian and means "winter falcon". All FIR releases are limited - with approx 300 records per release and every sleeve is hand numbered.

    FIR004 | Képeslap - Power and darkness - collaboration between Slovak artist Imiafan and french Makina Girgir. Icecold Soviet EBM electro pressed on white vinyl. | 12" | 2011

    FIR003 | Modernes et Electroniques - compilation of french electropop artists Blumenfall, Plastic Machine, Cold Colors and Club Amour. The songs are about transvestism, cross dressing and sad love pressed on pink transparent vinyl. | 12" | 2010

    FIR002 | Shemale - Supreme Beings - UK based Shemale bringing some Lovecraftian Cthulhu inspired dark electro angst pressed on black vinyl. | 12" | 2009