Faith - Spring 2013

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  • Faith, a quarterly magazine provided to the membership of a large Methodist church, emphasizes strong visuals and human-interest stories. The overall theme of this issues was an upcoming $1.1 million capital campaign: We're Here For Good.
    Since this publication's introduction two years ago, it has quickly  become the church's most popular piece. Members often use it to tell friends or neighbors about their church or leave it out in their homes or offices.
  • As this issue provided a soft launch for the capital campaign, I decided to use elements from the campaign's branding for the cover design. The teal color was used throughout campaign-related articles in the issue.
  • A last minute addition to this piece was to provide readers activities they could do throughout Lent, which was starting at the time of publication. Rather than just provide a calendar format, I opted for a more visual and colorful approach.