• A street paper is a publication produced by a non-profit organizationand sold on the streets by homeless and low-income vendors. I was firstintroduced to the concept through the street paper =Oslo thatwas started in Oslo, Norway in 2005 and decided right away that Iwanted to make it a project to start up a street paper for Vancouver.

    Vancouver, being a city with a quickly growing poor and homelesspopulation, and a Downtown Eastside known as the poorest area-code inCanada, could most certainly need a publication dedicated to speak outon behalf of the most marginalized part of its population.

    Facet was produced as my thesis project in my last yearat the Emily Carr University and contains a variety of content frominterviews with Downtown Eastside residents and work by artists in thearea to short stories, news and other issues relevant to the community.It was exhibited at the Emily Carr Grad Show 2007.