• Facebook hired Cina Associates for a couple of projects and one of them was to create an illustration for their yearly f8 conference. This table was later turned into a window and installed in the Facebook offices.

    Our illustration tells a story of the many ways that we connect and relate to one another. Each element loops into the next: the sea, the sky, the country and the city; everyday life made extraordinary by the personal details. In a larger sense, the illustration conveys that each person is part of something bigger than just themselves; their life stories are played out through shared interactions, communications and experiences. 

    <span "color:="" #666666;="" lfacebook="" hired="" cina="" associates="" for="" a="" couple="" of="" projects="" and="" one="" them="" was="" to="" create="" an="" illustration="" their="" yearly="" f8="" conference.="" this="" table="" later="" turned="" into="" window="" installed="" in="" the="" facebook="" offices.