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  • This is a personal project initiated to bridge the gap between new modern technology and the essence of true Cultural and Traditional roots. I created Facebook Covers with words/phrases and sentences taken from our mother tongue (Paite) which are used in our day to day life, yet hard to explain what it really means in English.
  • Huai Dan Khawng Hi
    This sentence/exclamation is used when we had a normal conversation between friends and colleageue. What it really means is "Something Like That" but it is used rather to conclude your sentence or talk to signifies that things are ok.
  • Chi Dan E?
    This is a Word/Sentence used when somebody surprised you with something and you do not know what to say to him.
  • Mawk Zozen!
    Mawk Zozen! a phrase used to express surprised. It is often used in a situation when someone tells or do something to you unexpectedly and it is usually used in a negative way.
  • Tel Lawm Lawm!
    The phrase is an exclamation used to convey concern towards the theme of the  prevailing conversation. Often it is used in a situation when someone is grief-stricken.
  • Kare Maizen!
    The phrase is an exclamation widely used in the Paite community to show feelings of surprise. It is almost comparable to the English phrase "What have you done?" though the usage may differ according to the situation.