• Facades are a series of drawings in ink, enlarged and printed in lithography. The series represents a set of facades with very different aspects and view points, a feature that seems to be emphasised by their juxtaposition, resulting in a harmonious series. Paul Ressencourt shows a sensitive approach to the walls of the city, he captures the urban beauty to communicate to the public, a philosophy that he applies in the Murmure agency.The attention to light and composition of the works, the photo-realism argued by some brushstrokes, reveals the graphic force offered by such peculiar and characteristic architectures from different civilisation. When combined, they form a homogeneous and graphic hole, where the drawing technique used allows to strengthen this aspect by the mass ratio. The contrast of pure black and white, mixed through lines and textures in ink to forms masses of shades is perfectly transcribed by the lithographic reproduction technique, a process that allowed the first photographic reproductions in the history of printing.
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