• Fabvolution:
    Advances in Digital Fabrication
  • This is a publication organised in five clearly differentiated sections, covers activities carried out between 2010 and 2011 within the framework of the Disseny Hub Barcelona programme known as the Fabrication Laboratory. The book focuses on the scientific aspects of digital fabrication and is also aimed at a wider audience. The challenge was to connect with and clearly convey developments in this technical field. 
  • Our solution was to give the publication the look of a bound notebook, like a working document, with no superficial or non-essential elements. The exposed binding reflects the process of additive fabrication (each signature is a layer of information that adds to the information of the spine); the combination of different types of paper over the length of the publication suggests the possibility of using materials with different properties in the fabrication process
  • the information in augmented reality offers additional content and allows readers to learn more about various fabrication processes, as well as letting them see objects in a completely new way by virtually materialising the digital world. 
  • The book itself is a major experiment in which graphic design engages with digital fabrication – a dialogue between graphic design and industrial design.
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