• These are just visuals, thoughts, ideas that I get once in a while and I just get out there on paper. I try to apply new techniques, fxs, etc that I haven't tried before and just make something fun and sometimes out of my comfort zone.
  • MACaholics
    Two things I like! MAC's and... bottles? I put this together and made screens to make t-shirts, hoodies, etc. to use for our department pub crawl.

  • What Women Want
     This one was just a fun exercise that was inspired by a trip to pinterest and seeing fun use of depth in typography. I went with this phrase because it was something that was being researched at the time. If anyone out there can clarify what do women want, I would appreciate it!! :)

  • First draft. I don't really know what women want.
  • It's not that simple, but knowing this will help. :)
  • These are the best.