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Some album art/covers I've done along with some music I've been a part of.

A Denver, Colorado based modern rock group that embraces a fresh take on modern hard rock, paying extra attention to the lost art of melody. Extremely focused on writing strong, accessible material, songwriter Jason Marino admires and is influenced by contemporary pop hit-makers like Brandon Boyd of Incubus, Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Matthew Bellamy of Muse. Fulcrum has recorded with Andrew Berlin and Jason Livermore (Rise Against/Tickle Me Pink) at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO. Via a meld of alternative pop, post-grunge and modern electronica, Fulcrum’s song-craft, contagious melodies and expert musicianship is drawing comparison to current chartbusters like Incubus, The Foo Fighters, and Foster The People.
I had the  privilege  of playing in/with this band, for a short time as their bass player, and got to record some tracks  ("Where's My Life" below) on their soon to be released full length album "Under The Influence," of which I also got to create the album cover.  Music has been a hobby I've maintained for years now, playing in a few misc. bands here and there through high school and college.
Playing and creating music is just another artistic outlet  for myself and playing with these guys for the brief time I did was crazy fun!  Feel free to check out their page on Facebook!
The main band I played in/with most was that of "FORGET ME NOT."  No longer a band now unfortunately but it still was one of the most fun times I've had altogether.  We put out a short EP, "Calling For Context"  (also did the album artwork) last October (2011) and is available on iTunes for a few bucks I think still.  If you're into the Pop-Punk scene, check it out, you might dig.

"Calling For Context" (below)