FUI – Fantasy User Interface Designs

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    Fantasy User Interface Design Works for Films
  • Here are some of the works I've designed as FUIs – fantasy/future user interface – mainly for use in concept films by companies including TOYOTA, SOFTBANK Japan, Asahi Glass, etc. These might not look as intricate/futuristic as those in usual Hollywood science fiction movies you usually see, but I believe even in concept movies, user interface designs must be as simple/beautiful/intuitive as possible.
  • Tokyo Motor Show 2013 for Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.
  • Data flow visualization
  • Future glass panel interface design
  • Home medical examination
  • DNA analyzing program
  • Future computer program visualization
  • Car dashboard panel screen
  • Energy management screen for future house
  • Future fridge interface
  • Conceptual model of transformation of visualized data in the future
  • Future smartphone and its 3D user interface
  • Future car dashboard turning into large screen