FTG Safety Shoes 2011

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  • Ftg is a Company that has been realizing safety footwear for about 60 years. Their background is of the traditional type, however over the last few years they have made sound investments towards mass production. And such a change in course made it necessary to have an external consultant for an all-round assessment of the offered products. Our first contribution to the company was strategic: we started from analyzing the catalogue, the product range, the production process until taking into consideration both the new range and price list. Starting from the results of this research we suggested to removing some products and renewing the range.
  • We worked with madeindreams to develop and design two collections of safety shoes for FTG S.p.a. They are now distributed by FTG
    Making shoes is an ancient skill that, even though its manufacturing processes have evolved, as time passes by it still presents a high level of ‘craftsmanship’ as some operations are just so complex that they are impossible to be fully automated. In this world, we are still cohabiting with traditional professional figures like pattern makers, hemmers, assemblers and people in charge of hand finishing. Issues increase when the shoes in question are either constrained by strict regulations to preserve the safety of those wearing them. To date, this sector has some chronic critical situations that need strategic intervention to organize and foresee long term solutions.
    Hence, it is not enough to work on the footwear aesthetics but it is essential to intervene on the manufacturing process and on material innovations to obtain a significant improvement in the medium and long term.

    In the early nineties, FTG specialized in accident prevention, but an increasingly larger competition and the appearance of new producing Countries induced to further diversify. The Made in Italy production, the company’s constant strength, became the real added value of difference.

    The ‘design oriented’ approach has made it possible to make an highly performing object in terms of safety and comfort, but which can maintain an appropriate aesthetic appeal while also curbing costs by 30% at the end of the productbr
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