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    the future of social technology

    The Future Trends Forum creates insight about innovations that will change business and society. Created in 2003 by the Fundación Bankinter, every six months it gathers some of the most important figures in entrepreneurship, innovation, government and venture capital from around the world, to discuss and debate a particular theme. Short speeches are delivered, which are made available to the public. There are also debates and group discussions.
    To encourage frankness and honesty, the discussions are not recorded. Quotes from these appear in this publication, on the condition of anonymity.

    What you read here are not finished articles, but instead summaries of the some of the ideas and discussions that were aired at the Future Trends Forum XVII in Madrid, December 2011.
    The theme was "The Future of Social Technology".

                                                                                                                                    Extracted from introduction of the Report

    You can download a pdf version (english or spanish)

    Andrew Losowsky
    editor in chief

    Santos Henarejos
    art director