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Packaging development and label design for Freixenet Argentina
PACK AND LABEL DESIGN FOR:  Freixenet, Argentina
1. "Sparkling wine collection" |  2. "Viento Sur Wines" | 3. "Vivace Dolce Spumante" | 4. "Finca Ñ wine" 
While Freixenet may be the largest manufacturer of traditional sparkling wine, the quality is still their main goal. The company continually innovates and invests in the latest technology of winemaking to ensure an excellent product.

That is why they can affirm that the proof "is in the bottle": today, most of the corks that appear on the world say "Freixenet". That's why for them the design of the packaging it's as important as the quality of their products, premise that leaves the challenge of capturing the flavors, aromas, textures and colors, to translate them into image and stamp of the personality of each wine and champagne on the package.