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  • AURO | FREE Photography Portfolio Template
  • We are pretty excited to announce our new Free Resources section. And we’re starting with a BANG!

    Auro is a full fledged portfolio gallery. Clean, simple, elegant and to the point. With over a dozen customizable settings it may be a great solution for showcasing your best work.

    It is driven by a robust AS3 engine, and it is meant to be of highest order from a technological point of view.
    Window screen adaptive, pro Zoom view, smart preloading algorithm, deep linking, customizable SEO friendly urls, accepts keyboard and mouse wheel inputs, everything fit together in a lightweight size.

    Also comes with a Live Skin Editor that makes customization as comfortable as possible.(press “+” after clicking the website screen)

    Its top benefit is it allows for a fast overview of your best work, saving time and thus adding value for your possible clients.

    It can go together with a clean WordPress blog presenting more details of your work and of yourself. Creating an elegant and powerful  web presence in no time.

  •   Premium version with ADMIN
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