FRAMES printing studio

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  • FRAMES is an open access silkscreen studio. Here one can print a t-shirt, a limited edition
    of posters, a serie of etching, dry point or linocut. The studio is fully opened for artist
    and artistic experiments. A begginer in Printing Graphics could just attend a workshop
    or a short course like Introduction into Printing Graphics.
    The main idea of identity
    Artist create their masterpieces in the studio, leave the traces, the traces make a dynamic logo FRAMES.
    The logo is different every time, it's tiny, it's huge, it's changing... with the help of talanted people, who is working and creating art in the printing studio FRAMES. 
  • Artist, illustrators  and designers are the core of the key audience of the project.
    The studio will also work for the begginers.
  • The main goal was to make a place for a pro: it should look professionally, experimental, inspiring.
    Sketches — they unfortunately didn't fit the whole three goals at once:

  • After some additional research a simple idea came — the place is totally for the artists.
    The inspiration is an artist at work...
  • In this project I have used works of some brilliant artist: Julia Medveditskova, Markus Dorninger, Anton Bundenko.
    Please, let me know, if I should put your name on the list: