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  • What does the voice of this multi-cultural generation have to say for itself? What is it about the contemporary American experience that captures the imagination of today’s foreign-born and first generation artists?
    This summer Republic Worldwide picks up the flag in search of answers through the work of seventeen contemporary artists from around the globe. 
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    Proud to have been commissioned to create the signature for REPUBLIC WORLDWIDE's NEW Art Exhibition
    opening night June 28th at the LODGE GALLERY in NYC.
    Understanding the core initiative of the exhibition, I wanted to capture the nostalgia of old world posters, but deliver it in a very striking and contemporary vector style.
    My vector art will also be exhibited along side some incredible artists- if you're in NYC
    stop in and soak in some culture! For more information follow/like the links above.
    Cheers, enjoy & see you at the show!
  • Vector structure • NO embedded rasters, NO gradient meshes
  • Vector anchor points
  • Final Vector
  • Special thanks to Quiet Lunch Magazine for the video and support.
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