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  • FOLDS  1.1
    Less is more

    Sculpture designed by David Mesguich /
    Painting designed by Valentin Van der Meulen /

    In 2009 the "FOLDS" sculpture was done ; it was a positive
    experience for us and after few exhibitions we got good  feedbacks on it .

    Recently we were commisioned for  another "FOLDS" sculpture .

    This time we tried  to make it more alive, hypnotic and abstract .

    We always try not to give precise explanation on the meaning of this piece, we really like the fact that anyone can imagine its own story about it and appropriate it .

    Thanks again everyone for your support and following, stay tuned for incoming work !
  • Details: 0,50 X 1,80 X 1,63 m / All made of aluminium and polypropylène / 2012
  • First each part is cut out, after that the puzzle can began .
  • We clean the surface before the paint.
  • While we do the painting during 4 days we see it coming to life.
  • Wet paint.
  • Doing the delivery in Brussel.
  • The final result ...
  • ... in the place it was design for .