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  • FMM Sines 2012
    FMM Sines is a world music festival that happens every year in Portugal.
    Sines a peaceful place with a strong reference to Vasco da Gama and the Discoveries, and this is the location for the event, allowing the musical essence to be felt throughout the Castle. Every year, FMM presents the universal music where we can find the best musical artists around the world.

    This was a project group participated for a national contest. It wasn't the winner, but we have a pleasure 
    to show our idea and concept. Our purpose had as intention to show the intercultural revolution that we experience at the festival, somehow even experienced by Vasco da Gama, who through all that transcends the castle walls.

    The typeface used is a contemporary type like the festival. 
    We regard the fact that it is free and customizable, which we made sure to make the logo, too.
    The fact this type contain several versions and he gives us freedom, so that we can use in various objects which we can create (eg.:
     posters, CD, screens ...)

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