Winning promotional poster for a quick turn-around branding brief for a new series of bi-monthly themed Graphic Design exhibitions curated by Leeds College of Art students and showcasing LCA students. 
    FLiP! launches in October 2013 to all new and returning students.
    FLiP! aims to be a memorable, snappy and contemporary name to capture the dynamic themed nature of the exhibition, to further encapsulate this concept the poster is perfectly symmetrical, with different but equally important information viewed opposite ways up. Careful focus is paid towards the viewer receiving the required information no matter which way up the poster is.
    This is an ongoing project and the FLiP! brand will be applied across billboards, invites, mail-outs and other exhibition and promotional related material in time for launch.
    Each poster aims to be a 2-colour screenprint plus a variety of flourescent stock to be dynamic
    and  individually engaging.
  • More to come, including mail-outs, invites, tickets & 
    other branding material to be used to promote and house FLiP!
    _Thank you