• FLY ME, bold sister of the MOV ME installation, and part of the Play with me¬†project, dares to challenge visitors to take their talents to another level. This interactive art installation invites all participants to become children again, to recover their innocence and naturalness, to lose the fear to be creative. The piece proposes converting a trampoline in a tool for creating short visual clips, frame to frame, jump to jump.

    Exploring the stopmotion technique from another perspective had never been such an exciting experience!

    You can see the results of the installation here.
  • FLY ME has been done in
    OFFF (Let's feed the future) at CCCB, Barcelona (Spain) - 11 June 2011
    for Red Bull

  • Apart from the FLY ME installation we were asked to do a couple of canvases to dress it. So we did one with some instructions on how to use the installation and the other one was some sort of jumping catalogue to gave people some inspiration before starting to jump.

  • As we ran out of business cards at that time, we decided to do some new ones as a special edition for the launching of FLY ME installation. So we took the 100 characters and did 3 series of 100 business cards (1 serie per person in the studio).

    Normally our business cards have some kind of interaction layer because we're an interaction design studio and we like to demonstrate that you don't need necessarily high-tech to do something interactive. So, in this case, we made a couple of cleft on the business cards allowing you to fold them and have a little summary of what FLY ME installation was. See the animated GIF below understand it better ;)

  • Recently we did a special edition poster. If you like to buy it, drop us a line at: hey@multitouch-barcelona.com