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    Pure Spotlight Series
    Pure Spotlight Series
    The Pure Spotlight series is the third series, we have developed for Antares Iluminacion. The precise briefing and the close collaboration with the product development group at Antares resulted in a very positive and giving cooperation.
    The aim with the Pure series was to create spotlights, that adapt to a large number of different architectural situations, always putting emphasis on the architectural frame and the object enlighted.
    A suspended light beam, track spotlights, two types of recessed downlights for the ceiling, and a wall spot fixture are part of the series.
    The Pure spot should be as clean and classic as possibles, with little, but sophisticated
    detailing, and in the same time have a strong, archaic identity.
    Three innovative aspects are implied into the design of the spot:
    The transformer box, which is fixed in its position and which hides the adaptor to achieve a homogenuous and calm expression.
    The possibility to lock the beam position with a release button.
    All movements – tilting and rotation – are unified in one single joint.
    The downlight is able to rotate 360° with a tilting angle of 70°. The design for the house