FLEX Pesadillas

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  • This project is about destroying nightmares... Further more, destroying people's fears.
    Flex (a Spanish brand of mattresses) decided to put an end to those fears that stop our dreams to become true.

    We recovered old matresses from the dump at Flex factory, and painted these nightmares on them.
    Crisis, money, lack of information, becoming beasts... those were some of the thoughts that the artists painted on the odd canvas. After a few months, these matresses will be destroyed, completing then this "peculiar
    exorcism" and letting new dreams entering our life.

    AGENCY: Sra.Rushmore
    CD: Carlos Alija
    Copywriter: Martín Subercaseaux
    Art Directors: Jesús Morilla & Sara Alonso

    I made also one of the matresses, better known here as La Gorda Alonso.