In 2012 I completed what was without a doubt one of my most enjoyable branding projects to date. FKF (French Kiss Fragrance House) approached me at the very conception point of their brand, and invited me to develop the brand identity, packaging, copy, positioning and communications media.
    FKF fragrance is an alchemy of organic essential oils blended with natural essences. being a boutique and exclusive product, I decided that positioning the brand within the context of ancient art and symbology would align the brand with the traditional values of purity and elegance that is rarely seen in products today.
  • The range was also extended to include a fragrance infused italian leather wristlet, pure silver amulets with concentrated fragranced bamboo silk, candles made with the range of fragrances, and also a range of skin care products.
  • Some other photography styles I explored in some product shoots:
  • frenchkissfragrancehouse.com
    HTML5 / Javascript web presence - singular site, containing elegant content animation, copy fading, and fully compatible with desktop browsers, mobile devices including of course iOS devices, iPad, iPhone, as well as Android, HTC etc.
    I extended the minimalist approach through to the web presence, taking an entirely different approach than what is commonly being done on the web. I really believe that web communications are better for a brand when they fit it's own style, rather than the style of their competitors or even common practice. We use white space and minimalism extensively in print, so why not on the web? 
    Thanks for watching!