We started with the theme of personality in social media at first. After narrowing it down and let it match with FITC we took it into the direction of the creation process. We wanted the viewer to be sucked into the mind of a creative. Show his roller coaster of emotions in his process. We contacted creative writer Tifene Huchet to write the story. She shaped Sam, a man that dreamed about discovering the universe since he was a little boy and is driven by it till this day.

    After creating a moving storyboard and treatment a lot of people became enthusiastic and joined us to fight the deadline (2 1/2 weeks from there on). With guys working from Sweden & Los Angeles, Skype was a real invention! We divided scenes, so everybody could do his own bit. With rendering and compositing done at our studio we could match the final look and created it as a whole. We aimed on creating a film noir look with its typical lighting and be very subtle with adding color.
    Studio Takt did an amazing job (again!). He finished it in only 4 days. We're surprised how he achieved to glue all scenes together smoothly.

    Thank you guys, we think it was a labour of love!
    Direction & Design: Floris Vos (Soulbase) & Menno Fokma
    Creative Writer: Tifene Huchet
    Music & Sounddesign: Joris Van Grunsven (Studio Takt)
    Narrator: Terry Mann / Boy: Mick Lefevre
    Fredrik Ekholm / Heerko Groefsema / Kevin Megens / Sander Van Dijk /
    Ton Mikkers / Wouter Kroese / Marius Denisse / Johannes Matsson


    At first we aimed to categorize the speakers into the different phases ofof the creation process. Like: mad scientist, expressionist, stylist & applied. We wanted it to match with our story and make sense. In the end we concluded that it was really hard doing so and that you won’t really make a connection between the two.

    We started with the two of us (Floris & Menno) and ended with 8 extra animators to join the team. After creating quite an ambitious moving storyboard (3 minutes long and only 2 1/2 week left till the deadline) we knew we couldn’t do it on our own so we tried to enthuse people to help us out. We posted on Facebook, mailed a few people (that are already freelancing for us) and our studio fella’s were also reaching out. We think it really helped that we got the moving storyboard and treatment done to give people more insight in our plans.
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