FINNland – living a brand

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  • FINNland is the Norwegian equivalent to Craigslist. In addition to being a traditional online marketplace, FINN is also great for travel-booking, finding new jobs, hiring carpenters or even buying a house.

    But while the marketplace is well known, the other services are not as widely recognized. We needed to familiarize Norway with the whole range of's services.

    So we thought: Since has everything, shouldn’t it be possible to live only through FINN?

    To find out, we bought a run down apartment in Oslo and named it FINNland – the smallest country in the world. We then recruited a couple willing to put their normal lives on hold and move to FINNland for 6 months. Their task: build a newlife, fix the apartment, and survive while doing it.
  •      FINNlands front page contained a cross-platform videoplayer as the main feature. Twice a week new webisodes were           published featuring the couple competing in FINN-related challenges and living through
  •      20-year-olds Michael and Johanne lived our brand for 6 months.
  •      Follow the general mood in FINNland (blue line), or changes in budget (red line).