• Finn is an Alcantara cover which goes beyond the mere function of protecting your dearest book: it accompanies you in your daily journey,¬† tightening¬† the relationship between you and the novel you are carrying. The cover is extremely adaptable to different book sizes thanks to magnetic clips that allows you to adjust it, making it a very versatile object.

    Finn's peculiarity though is found in its material. The textile makes the pattern appear only if used, creating a strong emotional bound between the reader and the book: in fact as a result of the electronic beam grafting treatment, the cover motif which is "hidden" in the material will gradually reveal itself exclusively through utilization.

    Finn represents affection for books, it is a companion that follows the reader in his day-to-day adventure while unveiling itself with time, just like a friend would do.
  • With its magnetic fasteners it's easy to cover books having different sizes
  • Different textures could be applied, like patterns, limited editions, logos.
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