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    Integrated launch campaign development.
Ozon Bank is the first online bank in the market. The bank which is always open and you can manage your money wherever you are at any time solely over the internet. The bank that exists only on the internet.
Creating the integrated launch and tactical campaigns of the bank based on a creative platform. The communication has to explain the new banking category and educate the product benefits on as simple way as simple the service is.
I have had enough from traditional banking. I don't want to pay extra costs for expensive office buildings, unnecessary apparatus and uncomplicated administration. I want to spare time and money.
The way we were thinking
We wanted to come up with a very simple and understandable idea which delivers the simplicity of the bank service and create an easily recognisable and characteristic visual world which symbolises the diversity of the new banking category compared to the traditional banking. An solution which is easy to produce and cost effective as the service as well.
Creative concept
I spare time and money with the online Ozon Bank. I take control with my hand.
Creative idea
Get to know your new banker!
Take control with your hand! Spare time and money with the online Ozon Bank!
Pre-launch phase
Buzz and lead generation.
Creative concept
We distribute short online videos in automated players to generate buzz. There is a big viral and meme potential in these video concept which we can intensify with manual url seeding. 
Creative idea
This weird finger guy appears in different daily situations like a vacuum cleaner agent to interrupt the ongoing scene. Nowbody knows whor what is this that is why it becaomes interesting. There is no end of the stories only a big questionmark and a registration field with call to action.

Launch phase
Creative concept
I take control with my hand and spare money and time with the online Ozon Bank.
My new banker has arrived.
Creative idea
We offer short (15 sec) TVCs about different banking aspects like:expensive office buildings, unnecessary apparatus, overcomplicated administration etc.
The first TVC dramatizes the product benefit of low-cost banking the most powerful trigger to the target audience.
The second TVC dramatizes the product benefit of easy banking. It may get close to the promise of any internet banking, but it is necessary to demonstrate the convenience as the benefit of Ozon
We stick the hand on the inside of the glass and change the story with the rolling background.
If you drop a coin into the CLP the drawn elements start to move one after the other.
The creative leads you through the negative affairs of traditional banking then of course the positive experience of OZON Bank. At the end you get your money back with no loss of course which is a funny symbol of no extra costs.
Large display formats (side-kick, interstitial, background overpainting etc.) to intensify the image awareness.
This is an example how can we lead people online from offline using the tool of  edutainment which is a mixture of education and entertainment.
This is an example how can we lead people online from offline.