FILM Typography Installation

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  • Student Work // 2012 
    The brief was to create a typography installation. I knew that I wanted to work with acrylic, and decided to create an installation that could be used as part of an advertising campaign for an event such as the Melbourne International Film Festival.
    I've created a model, the installation is intended to be a one-two storey advertising installation. Each colour represents one of the colours in the RGB spectrum, with silver backing pieces to represent the 'silver screen'. Each piece of acrylic represents a beam of light, with the exception of the backing pieces. These beams of light appear to be suspended in the air from a distance.
    The backing pieces not only represent the silver screen, but also reflect the changing landcape of film, as advances in technology and media sharing online continue to make the audience both filmmaker and subjects of the stories we now tell. The audience become part of the installation as they approach it and see themselves reflected.