FF Unit Slab
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A specimen of FF Unit Slab, a sab serif typeface designed by Erik Spiekermann, Christian Schwartz and Kris Sowersby.
Erik Spiekermann considers FF Unit (designed with Christian Schwartz) to be FF Meta’s “grown-up sister”. Comparing the two san-serifs one finds that Meta is warmer, more organic and slightly quirkier, whereas Unit is Teutonic, technical and serious. Despite these differences, they both clearly come from a similar place, sharing the same DNA. 
During the development of Meta Serif, we identified the organic quirks of the original Meta and translated the relevant parts to serif forms by redrawing everything from scratch. Unit Slab was a much different design process. Unit possessed a solid skeleton that easily accepted slabs, making the first drafts fairly straight-forward to complete. However, it quickly became apparent that we couldn’t simply graft slabs onto Unit--the sheer size of the family (7 weights with italics, smallcaps and exhaustive numeral sets) and the subtlety of the slab-serif form demanded an unerring eye for detail combined with stamina for the marathon design process. Fortunately, the resulting slab-serif is the perfect typographic companion in style, tone and aesthetic to the original Unit.